Measurement and Verification Projects

University of Phoenix Stadium - Glendale, Arizona

Developed an end-use monitoring plan that allowed facility management to identify energy use profiles across energy loads (sport lighting, general lighting, HVAC, etc.). This information allowed management to better allocate and recover energy use funds for various facility events.

Electric Power Research Institute

This project sought to determine the energy benefits of maintenance on small packaged unitary HVAC equipment (3-10 tons). During the 15-month project, monitoring equipment was installed on over 30 units in three cities. A pre-maintenance monitoring period was followed by specialized maintenance, then by additional post-maintenance monitoring.

"Green" Wal-Mart - City of Industry, California

Directed installation of an end-use monitoring system to verify energy savings of several technologies used at the second green Wal-Mart in City of Industry, California.

City of Phoenix - Phoenix, Arizona

Provided extensive measurement and verification services for a wide variety of energy retrofit projects within several city facilities.

Monsanto - St. Louis, Missouri

Provided operational analysis of complex HVAC systems through extensive, long-term monitoring within two separate corporate campuses.

Arizona Public Service - Phoenix, Arizona

Provided field measurement, verification, and inspection of incentive-based equipment retrofits for APS' Solutions for Business and Residential AC Rebate Programs.